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Inducing Labor: Pitocin 101

We’ve all heard stories of friends or family members being induced, and conflicting opinions about whether it was necessary, and what was used to help with the induction. It can be scary hearing stories that speculate about whether it was necessary, and especially stories about Pitocin, a drug commonly used in inductions.… Read the rest

Medical Intervention During Labor

Taking the (other) F-word out of the conversation

delivery, labor, medical intervention

Whether you’re planning to have a baby one day, you’re expecting a little bundle of joy in the near future, or you’ve already had a baby, you probably have an opinion on certain kinds of medical intervention during labor.… Read the rest

Paging Village OB: The Scoop on VBAC’s from 2 OB’s

With the national cesarean birth rate at more than a quarter of all births, more and more women want to know about VBACS (vaginal birth after C-section).  I think it’s important to understand the benefits and the risks associated with them as well as how best to prepare if you want to explore this option for the birth of your child. Read the rest

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