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Rosie’s Post-Easter Thoughts

Easter Sunday

Whatever your religious beliefs, Easter Sunday is celebrated by so many with family dinners and vacation, with the delight on kids faces as they discover trails left by the Easter bunny or with Jesus, your God or your personal belief system.… Read the rest

10 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers


Before taking advice from anyone on traveling with kids, I believe it is important to know their qualifications. To put you at ease, I have, by plane, by train, and by automobile, domestically and internationally, traveled tout seul with all four of my kids and believe me, even with the best skills, things can go awry!… Read the rest

What is in a Name?

baby names

As the Ides of March slipped by last week (March 15) it got me thinking about the powerful Shakespearian play Julius Caesar and what a surprisingly strong effect it had on me as a child. As I began to think of the many questions raised by the play, about the relationship between fate and free will, it seemed an incredibly appropriate source of inspiration for discussion and of course, for my favorite: baby names.  … Read the rest

Travel Tips for a Breastfeeding Mama

Paging Margarita Marasigan, RN, CCE! Margarita, this week’s guest blogger, has some great tips for traveling mamas who are breastfeeding. 

As the holiday season approaches and you travel with your baby to be with loved ones, here are eight helpful tips to make breastfeeding while traveling a smooth ride:

  1. Wear comfortable, breastfeeding-friendly clothing and have a coverup handy.
Read the rest
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