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The Real Scoop on the Family Bed

Want to spark a hot debate next time you are hanging out with other parents? Bring up the topic of co-sleeping. Most people have a strong, passionate viewpoint on the issue, from the parents who proudly declare that their children have NEVER slept in their bed, all the way to the parents of the three year old who has never slept alone, and doesn’t have any plans to.… Read the rest

Paging Dr. Whitney Roban, Ph.D: Why Melatonin is NOT the Answer to Your Child’s Sleep Problems

Almost every parent I know goes a *touch* crazy when their little ones aren’t sleeping.  Repeated 5 AM wake-ups can make even the most reasonable person willing to try virtually anything to get a little  more shut-eye!  Some desperate parents have recently started turning to Melatonin as a possible solution.  Read the rest

Paging Rosie: Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

Wells is beginning the transition to a “big boy” bed earlier than I expected.  As we are in the midst of dealing with this transition, I thought I would share my thoughts on how to navigate the move.

Your wee one’s life is always filled with so many milestones and transitioning to a toddler bed is another one of those.… Read the rest

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